What to do to Avoid Having a Preterm baby

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Preterm babies are babies given birth to before the usual nine months time frame for a regular pregnancy.

In a MIEC Radio weekly sponsored program to educate pregnant women and nursing mothers alike tagged mother’s Delight, a registered Nurse Temitope Olukoya discusses the indications that a woman might have a preterm baby

Q: What are the causes of pre-term birth?

A: Infection is one major cause of preterm birth. If a pregnant woman has virginal infection that is not treated, it can affect the baby thereby leading to pre-term birth, but when a pregnant woman starts experiencing itching in the virginal, she immediately seek medical help and gets treated, then she can avoid pre-term birth.

Q: Before we look at the symptoms of pre-term birth, are there other causes of pre-term birth you would like to talk about?

A: Yes, there are other causes of pre-term which include the medical condition of the pregnant woman, like diabetes in pregnancy can leads to having a pre-term birth. Also if a pregnant woman sustains an injury from an accident maybe if she falls down on her abdomen, it can be injurious to the health of the baby, thereby leading to a pre-term birth.

Multiple pregnancy is another cause of pre-term birth, that is, what a woman is pregnant with twins or triplets and so on are prone to coming early.

Cervical incompetence is another cause, this happens when the cervix is open before the time of delivery. The cervix before labour should be closed, only to open during labour, if on the other hand, the cervix opens before due time, it can lead to pre-term birth.

Placenta previa is also a cause of pre-term birth; is a case whereby the placenta is bleeding thereby leading to bleeding in the pregnant woman. When a situation like this occurs, the pregnant woman will immediately have to go through a caesarian section.

Q: What are the signs or symptoms of pre-term birth that pregnant woman should look out for?

A: when a pregnant woman contract, though contraction is a normal thing, but when it becomes very strong, painful, and it’s occurring frequently, the woman should immediately seek medical attention, because that means you are having a pre-term contraction leading to a pre-term birth.

Also when a pregnant woman starts having a foul smelling discharge, though discharge is normal during pregnancy, but when it becomes itchy, foul smelling, then the woman need to immediately consult with her doctor.

When fluid starts coming out, that is the amniotic fluid starts draining, because the fluid is very important in the overall wellbeing of the baby, so when the fluid start coming before the due date, the woman should seek medical help.

Q: After talking about the causes, signs and symptoms of pre-term birth, what are the preventions or how can one avoid having a pre-term birth?

A: Always go for your ante-natal sections. And when you notice a pre-term contraction, seek help immediately, because if immediately attended to and placed on certain medications, pre-term birth can be prevented. Though there are some babies that no matter what you do they will still come pre-term, but there are some medications that when the mother is placed on these medications will increase the chances of survival of such babies.

Cervical seizure, that sewing or closing the mouth of the cervix till the due date, can be used to prevent pre-term birth in case of cervical incompetence.

Q: Can a change of lifestyle also be preventive means for pre-term birth?

A: Yes there are some lifestyles such as smoking; alcohol that can really hamper the health of the baby, a pregnant woman should avoid these lifestyles even if it’s just for the sake of the baby,

To also prevent pre-term birth which can cause a lot of damage in the baby, like brain damage, neural defect and so on, make sure that infections are well treated.

Written by: Sdb Live News

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