Advantages of Internet Radio Over Terrestrial Radio

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Terrestrial and satellite radios transmit radio programming services by way of the open airwaves, communication satellites and cable networks. While some terrestrial radios are accessible nationally or throughout an entire region, the coverage of many are actually limited to a certain geographic area such as city, province, or state. The coverage of terrestrial radios differ from one another, but all of them use land-based antenna systems for broadcasting.

Internet radios on the other hand are also radio broadcasting services providers, but they transmit their content through the internet. Because the internet radio have a global reach, many radio stations around the world are also offering internet radio broadcasting. This enables them to reach a worldwide audience. Lots of dedicated hardware devices classified as internet radio appliances are available in the market today. You can actually connect it to the internet and to your home network to be able to access internet radio sites.

Another element that makes internet radio distinct from traditional radio is its ability to be more specialized than traditional radio broadcasts. It offers a wide array of music genre for listeners to choose from, like the best radio station for alternative rock that is being offered in a popular site.

Geographical Limitation

The absence of geographical limitation makes internet radio appealing to a global audience. The technology used to run the two systems are also different. While both can offer virtually the same in-studio experience, there’s already a difference the moment it goes out of the building. The internet radio digitizes content and route it through the internet to be made available to listeners. For traditional terrestrial radio, the content goes straight to the broadcast antenna and into the airwaves.

Internet radio is really not a true radio based our our traditional definition of the term, but it produces an incredible simulation. It is produced through a technical process which involves audio digitization to make it ready for transmission across the web. Besides, it is not available from the airwaves because it uses bandwidth.

Those are the basic differences between internet radio and terrestrial or traditional radio. But even if they are two different things, they are also similar in certain ways. For one, internet radio can be similar to traditional radio in certain aspects like quality and user experience.

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