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Fashion: A term that defines personality

Fashion has been defined before now as a non-verbal way of communicating. This conveys much about an individual's personality, background, and style. Before now, fashion has only been for the affluent alone, but it is now within reach of the commoner, especially the youths of today. At the beginning of time, dress fashion, an evolution of different people's ideas from different places, was popular for a very short time. But […]

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Check out the inauguration of Miss Arts Nigeria 2021 ,the first of its kind.

The pageant designed to empower the Nigerian lady through art, beauty and culture, will in addition, enhance their skill-set through their God-given endowments. The programme is Supported by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Miss Arts Nigeria is powered by Oshodi Art gallery which is reportedly the second-largest gallery in the country with over 17,000 artworks comprising masterpieces produced in ceramic, sculpture, graphics, photography, textile, paintings, etc. And […]

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Check Out The Amazing History of Contemporary Fashion

Fashion is as old as the existence of man. It became a broader field as time goes on ranging from the Norman period down to the Rennaisance. Today, it is no longer a farce to say that fashion evolves with time. The Romans and the Egyptians spent so much on fashion. They believe their appearance dictates their social class and therefore spent so much acquiring clothes and accessories. Fashion in […]

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