Facing reality: What Next?

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“What next” is one of the most difficult questions most people find difficult to answer whenever they have things well mapped out and things suddenly become disarray .

We live in a world that is full of confusion. The most certain things in life are the uncertainties.
You know, things don’t always happen the way we planned them.

Some people may have it all well planned out and it may worked out fine for them as if they were actually the master planners.  Yes, that’s true. But it doesn’t mean that things are like that for everybody. It may work for Mr A and not work for Mr B.
Whenever things doesn’t turn out right as planned, people react in different ways. You will see some people, they will start thinking,they might even over worried themselves and this could lead to depression.
Some will try to force things to just suite their ways. By crooked means or any available options, they will want to work things out.
While some set of people will resorts to fate. They will keep moving on and accept whatever life throws at them.

It happened to me too, you know, about 12 years ago, when I finished from secondary school, I already planned with my friends that we were getting married latest 27 and by then we should have bagged our doctoral’s degree.
All these plans became a mere fantasies when the realities of life dawned on us. Though some got married and gave birth before that age, they barely finished their higher institution. While I was working in an organization about five years after university, about two of my friends then was just going for National youth service (NYSC). Some of us have not gotten engaged not to talk of giving birth to babies.
Our mental calculations failed us and we were forced to either take faith or fate.
It doesn’t necessarily mean we were behind schedules in life, no! We were still doing fine in our various corners even though we knew we have the capacity to have done more given the right opportunities.

But when things doesn’t turn out well as one imagined it would be, what then must be done?

What I have come to learn is that if you take faith early in life you will not be forced to take fate later.
No matter how awry the future might looks, I tell you it promises to be great only when you start walking in the realm of faith and not just accepting fate.

So what is the next thing to do having discover that most of your plans didn’t turn out well?
Here are a few points I believe will benefit you, if you make use of it.

1. Stop living in the reality of the past:
The past is gone there is nothing you can do about it.
What you are now is called today, so have a good grip of your today and give your tommorow nice surprises. Whatever your hands find to do now, do it well and stop lamenting about unfair you think life has been treating you.

2. What is your plan for life?
Yes, this a great question you need to consider, I want you to know that if you do not plan your life every bustop will look like the right one. Every junction you get to will leave you more confuse. You won’t know what to do with your time. You will only be wasting your time and thereby waste your destiny because your life is bound in time. Time wasted is life wasted.
So you still need a plan too, as you plan, you commit it to God’s hands because you are not the owner of life. So whatever your plans are, take it to God in prayers and allow him to strengthen you to be able to do it. Your plan is what will keep guiding you at every junction whether you are doing well or not.

3. What do you plan to do with your skills and expertises?
No one is created useless. If you look within you, you will discover that there are some gifts and abilities that are only peculiar to you. All those skills and experience you have been gathering all these years, you need to bring it out and use it to make things happen.
Don’t keep staring at life watching it moving so fast while you remain stagnant. Be productive. Do something with your gifts and abilities. Don’t let it waste. Build up yourself. While waiting to upgrade to the next level, keep building. While waiting for the perfect man or woman or better job, keep adding value to yourself. Don’t waste your life.

4. Don’t give up on your dreams:
Though things might not turn out well when you desired it to happen. You don’t because of that pack all your dreams and visions into the dustbin living life as if all hope is lost. All hope is not lost my dear, you can still fulfill that great dream of yours, with time everything will fall in line. Just keep being hopeful and do whatever in your capacity to move things forward.

5. Carry God along in all you do.
Most times, our way is not God’s way. He might have different plans from our plans and it is his will that must prevail. Except we want to have it in our own way which may not be fulfilling at the end. Let’s trust God in whatever we want to do to lead us right.
As we do this, we will not be stranded in any area of our lives.

I hope this blesses you, please free feel to share to others.

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