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Financial Empowerment for Kingdom Expansion (Part 3)

The Covenant of Prosperity.

The importance of money cannot be overemphasized in the fulfilment of our destinies, as a matter of fact no one can ever fulfil the purpose for which he or she was created without money or to put it in a better way without true prosperity.

The word of God recognizes that there are good successes and true prosperity and that is the greatest weapon of influence that the Lord wants us to employ for the expansion of His Kingdom (Joshua 1: 8, Luke 16: 11)

In this episode we will be looking at the covenant of prosperity;

Let me make it very clear here that our relationship with God is a covenant relationship and that means that even though God has all the provisions available for the pursuit of our divine agenda, there are always covenant responsibilities that we need to carry out or conditions to provoke the manifestation of the provision. This talks about the “Law of Seedtime & Harvest”


The principal law that governs the covenant of prosperity is the “Law of Seedtime & Harvest” and this law is applicable both physically and spiritually.

Gen 8:22 (MKJV) While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
The physical aspect of this law has to do with obeying the natural laws as it relates to work and this is very vital, in fact our work is regarded as the landing place for the Blessing of God in our lives and without it, it will be a day dream to expect to prosper in life!

In this article, the emphasis will be placed on the spiritual aspect of the “Law of Seedtime & Harvest”
There are various avenues that God has provided for us to make it easy to fulfil the conditions of sowing and reaping in order to provoke open heaven upon His children and they are all important.

This talks about the methods that the bible spelt out to follow when sowing seeds in The Kingdom of God.

1) Tithing: Gen 14: 17 – 20
Abraham paid tithe to Melchizedek the king of Salem or peace, as his seeds we need to follow the same step Isa 51: 2 – 3. Tithe simply is the 1/10 of all our increases; it came from the Hebrew word
MAH’ AS RAW which means 1/ 10 of a thing.
Genesis 28: 20 – 22 Jacob paid tithe of all and in Luke 11: 42 Jesus confirmed that we must not ignore tithing.
Note that Tithe is the Lord’s. Your tithe belongs to the Church not for the Pastor (Lev 27: 30)

2) Offering: Exodus. 15: 1 – 2
● This is the regular worship offering which you give during the service Mal 3: 10.
● Offering is your own free will. There is no specific formula as per the amount but let it be your substance not leftovers.
● It must be from a willing, grateful heart and according to your size per time.
● You must give cheerfully

3) Prophet Offering: Matt 10: 41 – 42, 1King 17: 13, 2Chro 20: 20 God sent His Prophets as fertile grounds for sowing seed. Sow into the lives of the prophets that God sent to you. It is your appreciation to God for His grace upon His servants.
The acknowledgement of the blessings of God in your life through His servant and it is a commandment Rom 15: 27, Gal 6: 6. There is no fixed amount; it’s according to your size per time.

4) Project Offering: Haggai 1: 2 – 11
This is as important as the tithe so distribute, scatter your seed according to your size.
You do not need for the church to announce any project before you give. Look for any need in the ministry and determine to give towards that.
Remember “if it is in your heart God will put it in your hand”

5) Giving to the People Around you & the Less Privileged (Gal 6: 10)
1) Immediate family: This includes your wife, children, Parents, brothers etc in that order
2) Workers
3) Brethren in the household of faith
4) Others
Use discretion in giving, be guided; don’t give to a lazy man that is not ready to work unless you are led. Give according to the commandments of God don’t just give out of pity

I pray that The Grace of God to be committed to divine commandments be released afresh upon you in Jesus’ name.

God bless you, share your testimonies with us
Jesus is Lord!
Pastor Femi Leke
Shalam Ministries International Church Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 732344447

Written by: Sdb Live News

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