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There was a young lady of age 20 who had a slight disagreement with her boyfriend. He later broke up with her only for her to start thinking of herself as good-for-nothing. She ended up drinking a poisonous substance that would have claimed her life if not for her mother’s timely intervention on the spot. She was quickly rush to the hospital and her life was saved after several hours of hard work by some doctors.

Imagine that little girl of age 20 who almost killed herself just because of a boy. When she fully became normal, you know she started weeping,confessing that she felt so bad after the break up that she thought ending it all would be the best option as she could not face the stigma of a broken four years relationship.

I know you might want to pass one comment or the other about the girl’s cruel treatment of herself but what about you? What are those things you think about yourself? What do you think when you face challenges and trials of life? What are those things you ruminate on when things didn’t turn out right as you planned?

Please you need to understand that there’s nothing new in this world. Whatever you might be passing through is only a matter of time, it will soon fade away. The phase will definitely expire one day and you will enter into a new level of laughter and testimony. You will definitely smile once again. Don’t think too much over life when things don’t work out fine because it will bounce back on you.

You become what you think with time. You need to change the way you think. Because if you don’t, it may lead to what you never bargain for. Thinking negatively or looking down on yourself can lead to untimely death. It can cause mental torture and the likes.

What is that issue that is giving you sleepness night or making you feel worthless? Is it because you fail an exam, you are looking for a job, child, husband, wife, accommodation, new promotion, business upgrading, what?  You don’t have to think yourself to death.

What then is the way out?
The first way out of this issue is for you to realize you were created by God. You didn’t fall from heaven, someone gave you life, so you have to acknowledge God and submit totally to him. He created you for a purpose. You are not on earth by accident. Your life has value. So realize that you are loved by God.

Secondly, you need to start studying God’s word. When God created people on Earth, he didn’t just leave them without direction, he sent his words to them, to lead and to guide in every situation, provided you are ready to surrender your heart unto God, his word will give you peace and direction in life.

Thirdly, as you read and meditate on it, it will be building you up. You will start seeing yourself in the light of it. Evil thinking will not find expression in you. God’s word will cleanse and purge you.

Fourthly, you need to launch out. If you don’t like your position then you have to leave that spot and try something else. Shoot your shot and try something new. You can’t make a world but you can make your own world.

Lastly, you need to be thinking positively, have good and pure mindset. Always use your mouth to say good things to yourself for as you think in your heart so are you.

I hope you found value?

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