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There was a  young secondary school leaver by the name Tina, who followed a friend to a birthday party and was raped during the process.  It resulted into pregnancy and she kept it. After nine month, she delivered a beautiful girl. Through the help of her parent, she g0t over her past.  Fast forward to her undergraduate days, she met Vincent who was ready to marry her after graduation from University. She rejected his proposal. By the time she finished her final examination in school, Vincent re-proposed again. She confided in her best friend, Linda and her friend encouraged her to say yes. She said yes to him and two years after, they got married. Tina never opened her mouth to discuss any of her past with her husband. Vincent was the most caring man on earth, he gave her everything she needs. Tina still maintains connection with her best friend Linda who was yet to be married. Linda became jealous of how Vincent was taking care of her and she ended up leaking all the secret of Tina’s 7 year-0old girl to her husband. Vincent was shocked, he couldn’t believe his ears. He confronted his wife and she confessed, begging him to please forgive her. Vincent found it hard to forget, even though he claimed he has forgiven her and this made him to start extra-marital affairs with Linda and some other ladies. The wife later went for counselling and they were later helped but the trust issue was very difficult for Vincent to manage before he eventually gained victory. What do you learn from this story?


A good marriage can only survive when there is trust between the husband and wife. A marriage where there is no enough trust, such a home will not last.

It will definitely collapse in a matter of time.

There are simple ways to build trust between you and your spouse. Trust can not just grow between you and your spouse.

You can not demand it from your spouse.  You earn it by your  actions and inactions.

There are things you must do to earn it.  Read below;




Whenever you tell your partner that you will do something, make sure you do it. Don’t say it doesn’t matter, and your partner will understand.

If you continue telling your partner that you will do something and you don’t do it, your spouse will conclude that you are not a dependable companion.




Another way to build trust in your marriage is to be open with your spouse about everything and don’t hide anything from him or her.

Tell your spouse everything they need to know, otherwise if they discover you are hiding something from them, they might stop trusting you for life.




It is better to say the truth even if it hurts than to tell lies to your spouse.

If you want trust to grow in your marriage, always be truthful to each other. Don’t give your spouse reasons to doubt anything you say.




Marriage is a journey of apology and forgiveness between two people. When you offend your spouse, always apologize and stop trying to prove a point.

The time to apologize is not the time to start blaming your spouse for what he or she did some time ago. Just apologize, and you will earn more trust.




People don’t trust someone who doesn’t give them attention or take them seriously. If you want your spouse to trust you, always listen to them and be thoughtful.

(To be continued)

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